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Women's Clothing For All Sizes

May 17, 2019

Retail continues to have its place in Prince Rupert. Heloise Tupas is a couple months into operating her new clothing store, Aria, located in the Rupert Square Shopping Centre. The store offers women’s clothing for different occasions and settings, and is the only store in Prince Rupert to specifically offer plus-size clothing. The store provides hands-on customer service, but withholds from pressuring customers to buy clothing if it doesn’t meet their needs.

Heloise worked in the Reitman’s store before it closed. When the Prince Rupert branch was shut down, she was determined to fill the gap that Reitman’s left behind. Heloise approached Community Futures for start-up financing and opened her doors a month later.

"Without Community Futures, we wouldn't be here," she says. While still a fledgling business, there are future plans with Aria, including the idea of one day implementing a rewards program. “We want to show appreciation for repeat customers."

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