We provide professional services to communities of Prince Rupert, Port Edward, Metlakatla and Lax K'walaams, Gitxaala, Dodge Cove, Oona River and Hartley Bay

Our Community

Loans Program

Businesses cannot start, expand (Working Capital) or even exist without capital. Community Futures recognizes the financial crunch of operating a small business and offers a flexible loans program to set entrepreneurs up for success.

Our Business Loans program features:

Working Capital

Companies looking for new equipment, debt restructing, liquidity, can look to us for quick loans from $25,000 - $50,000. For the right client, processing can take just days.

Fish 4 Community

This lending programs is specific to Lax K'walaams community members. Through a unique partnership between Community Futures and Lax K'walaams, fishermen can apply for loans up to $5,000 to help with pre-season costs (nets, gear, gas) or boat maintenance, etc.

Business Resources

Loans Appeal and Redress Process

Loans Address and Redress Policy