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Free services for Businesses, Startups and Not-for-Profits in our Region.
Plus the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 Business Training Reimbursement!
$5,000 Business Training Reimbursement*
Reimbursements available for business owners, enterprising Not-for-Profits, and their employees for capacity-building skull development.
* Conditions Apply
Peer Masterminds
Join a small cohort of peers for facilitated sessions to take action on a specific area of business. Recieve 1-on-1 coaching and learn from the experiences of other extrepreneurs.
Free of charge
Receive advice and guidance from experts in rural businesses. Tell us where you need help and we will match you with one of our Rural Business Specialists.
10 Hours free of charge
Workshops available on a variety of timely, relevant topics. Open to business owners, managers of Not-for-Profits, and their employees.
Free of charge
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