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Two For One Special

November 5, 2018

A little restaurant empire has begun in Prince Rupert.

Partners Joice Philip and Akhil Prakasan found that the high demand for take-out chicken and their regular menu had them and their staff swamped in The Olive kitchen. They needed to grow.

The partners decided that it was time to open a second restaurant - The Pavilion. The Pavilion, which offers a spacious dining room and spectacular view in the old Style's space near the Rupert Square mall, carries the many dishes that made The Olive so popular.

The Olive continues to operate out of the Pacific Inn Hotel but now focuses on offering what has been called the best fried chicken in Prince Rupert.

Pavilion saw immediate support from loyal Olive customers and has since won over new diners. Chicken continues to fly from Olive and both restaurants have regular clientele for which the owners are grateful. Prince Rupert is a great community and has offered us amazing support. People that supported us the first day of business continue to do so. For us, their kindness and support means more than making money.

The Olive Restaurant


The Pavilion Restaurant

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

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