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Only THEY Can Prevent Forest Fires

February 12, 2020

In 1868, Barkerville burned to the ground. It will never again.

The former gold rush town now world-class tourist destination Barkerville Historic Town and Park is a point of pride for BC and Canada, and exactly the type of place Quesnel Tree Removal Ltd. helps protect from the threat of devastating wildfires.

Together with other companies and Barkerville, Quesnel Tree Removal took proactive measures in 2019 to undertake the largest Fuel Management project in BC History which would protect the historic site. Fuel Management requires the removal, thinning, and cleanup of trees which becomes fuel for sweeping wildfires. The Barkerville Historic Town and Park draws hundreds of thousands of tourists a year to witness a time portal into BC’s goldrush past with old, authentic, rustic buildings and teams of actors in period costumes.

Quesnel Tree Removal has been doing its namesake proud for over 20 years. The owner, Kevin Maclean, prides himself on his safety record, touting zero injuries over the entire history of the business. The company also provides wildfire assessment and countermeasures, which drew them to Barkerville’s project.

Quesnel Tree Removal approached Community Futures for planning and financial help. “They were instrumental in helping us grow our business”, says Maclean. “We greatly appreciate their professionalism.”

Community Futures Prince Rupert is proud to partner with Community Futures North Cariboo in supporting Quesnel Tree Removal.

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