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Local Business Goes to the Dogs

July 7, 2017

All dogs go to heaven, and right now, heaven’s a bowl of Buster’s Tasty Treats. What does that have to do with local business in Prince Rupert? Read on for more information!

Buster’s is a collection of all-natural, non-preservative, federally inspected savory dried liver dog treats that has canines hounding for more.

The owner, Patricia, started the business 15 years ago as a retirement hobby. She named it after her loyal, but mischievous dog at the time, Buster (2000-2008). Her business is now more than just a hobby as her products gain popularity in the Prince George region, and sniff out opportunities throughout the province. She has brought her son and daughter into the business to assist with this growth: Paul, who assists her in production, and Jamie, who manages the company finances locally in Prince Rupert (pictured with Community Futures General Manager John Farrell and top dog model Caramel). The family approached Community Futures for a growth loan that would allow them to prepare for their rising demand and production requirements.

The treats started at the Last-Minute Market in Prince Rupert and can now be found in Save-on, Leann's Pet Shop, Pet Valu, and more grocery/pet stores throughout the province.

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