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A Breakaway Business

November 26, 2019

Retail in Prince Rupert lives on.

Prince Rupert has always enjoyed a strong and diverse sporting community. However, the unfortunate closure of Farwest Sports and Oceanside Sports left local customers searching for options in town. Serial retail entrepreneur Adam El Bissar took notice. He saw potential in Prince Rupert and a chance to lay roots, so he opened Drift Sport.

Starting with a select number of goods, Adam grew his business rapidly over the following year, with some assistance from Community Futures. “People were requesting more and I wanted to meet that demand. Community Futures helped accelerate the growth needed; they helped my business even though it was still young.”

Since opening in March 2018, Drift has expanded to three different spaces, each offering a different type of clothing: Sport, Kids, and Lifestyle. Drift aims to offer local consumers trusted brand names, such as Under Armour, Champion, Asics, Skechers, and The North Face, at competitive prices.

Despite the rapid growth, Adam is not done yet. After finding success with sports apparel, he is looking to expand into gear and equipment for hockey.

Drift Sport, Kids, and Lifestyle can all be found in the top floor of the Rupert Square Mall.

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