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Ready to Rethink?

February 12, 2021

In response to the challenges and opportunities faced by North Coast businesses in the past year, Community Futures is launching two web-to-coach training programs to allow entrepreneurs to get the support they need to succeed. These programs are composed of one-hour weekly live workshops designed to fit into busy schedules. If participants complete a certain number of mandatory sessions in a specific program, they will gain access to personalized business coaching.

The first program, Rethinking Business, gives entrepreneurs a chance to change their business strategy to better fit the rapidly changing business environment. Designed for businesses who are struggling, this program involves walkthroughs of how to determine and pivot business strategy. An introduction to using financial statements as a tool will also be provided. Rethinking Business will also offer a local perspective through a bonus session featuring entrepreneurs in the Prince Rupert area who have successfully transitioned their business model during the pandemic, facilitated by business coach Bill Erichson.

The second program, Business Acceleration, focuses on how to optimize your business operations through the use of technology. Designed for businesses who are doing well and are in a position to grow, Business Acceleration will walk participants through high-level business planning with local entrepreneur Chris Armstrong and how to increase sales with Shauna Harper from Livework Communications. The program will then pivot towards digital marketing, with presentations on ecommerce, website utilization, and social media marketing delivered through Julie Wang of Tiny Planet Digital.

These programs are open to any small to medium-sized businesses in Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Terrace, Haida Gwaii, or surrounding regions. To learn more or sign up, visit

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