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Night Doesn't Fall on Sunset Lounge

November 25, 2020

Paul Minhas achieved a lifelong dream in the fall of 2019 by opening Sunset Lounge and Grill: a family-owned business and entertainment venue with a unique fusion-style menu and a laid-back atmosphere. Growing up in Prince Rupert, he knew the market well and was confident that Sunset could offer an experience unlike other restaurants in town at the time, and it quickly became a hit in the community.

The outbreak of COVID-19 had a significant effect on the restaurant industry. Lockdown procedures vital to preserving community health led to the closure of restaurants and revenue losses, and Sunset Lounge was no exception. In June, Community Futures began distributing regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) loans, providing funding to businesses that had been impacted in the form of $40,000 loans with no interest payable until the end of 2022. Sunset Lounge took out such a loan in order to cover certain bills and to provide security in case of extended lockdowns. By the end of the summer, however, a wave of community support and takeout orders resulted in the restaurant regaining a stronger position.

Paul has big plans for the future of his restaurant. Following a philosophy of being more than a restaurant, many innovative ideas are coming to make Sunset Lounge a place to socialize and have fun. Currently, there are plans for a larger bar, renovations and expansion to the second floor of the building, and the installation of game consoles to keep customers entertained while they wait.

Community Futures is proud to partner with Sunset Lounge and Grill. Watch the full story in the video above.

Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) loan applications have reopened. Visit the application portal on our website or contact us at (250) 622-2332 for more information.

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